Angelique Miniatures is on Twitter!


I am so excited because I have finally worked out how to do Twitter…..Yey!

As some of you will know, I am not the brightest button in the box when it comes to computer stuff, so this is a REAL achievement for me. I am still working on the ‘ins and outs’ of tweeting, following and all the things I can do on Twitter but, maybe you might like to help me along please? Pretty please?

If I have done things correctly you should be able to click on the Twitter thingy to the right of this message and ‘Follow’ me on Twitter. When you (hopefully) reach my Twitter page, please, please tweet me (keep it nice!) and I will try and tweet you back and/or follow you too.

I’m sure with everybody’s help I will get my head around it in the end.

Thank goodness I know what I am doing when it comes to dolls!

2 thoughts on “Angelique Miniatures is on Twitter!

    • Surprisingly it was actually quite easy to set up the Twitter account….so easy, I actually set up a second. However, putting the Twitter link onto my blog was a different story altogether. It took me an hour just to understand the instructions (obviously written by a man……and I felt I could have done a much better job!) but once I had filled in the (all important) missing instruction, it all worked perfectly.
      Twitter is quite fun but can be a little time-consuming so I have to be strict with myself! It took me ages to decide to start on Twitter……I spent months just thinking about it but I would say, if you can set up a blog, you can definately set up a Twitter account.

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