Well hello there!

Let me introduce myself………I am, as you can see below, a baby fairy. I bet you’ve never met one of those before, have you? No?……Well no time like the present then, is there?! Anyway, just so you can see what I look like, here I am riding on my unicorn friend:

‘Hey look at me! Aren’t I clever?!’

 Now you don’t see a sight like that every day do you? But we have a lot of unicorns in Fairy Land. They are quite a common sight there.

 I know I look a bit silly on such a large magical horse as I’m so tiny….less than an inch tall but one day I might be big enough to ride properly….without falling off all the time!

I don’t know if you saw my mummy’s last blog post…..the one about the wedding gowns….and before you say a word, yes I know that Louise is not my real mummy……my real mummy was a fairy. But fairy mummies have a bad habit of leaving their babies amongst the flowers while they flit off to do their work, then they forget where they have left us….so we end up being rescued by kind human mummies……I just wanted to straighten that out before we go any further.

Anyway, about the last blog, you may have noticed at the bottom of it was a picture of a lovely dragon (my best friend and she’s called Esmerelda) and a question about what do dragons have to do with the month of April. It is just a fun question but nobody has answered it yet…….. and my mummy is rather miffed about that.

So, I have stepped in and am offering myself as a prize to the lucky winner who gets this question right. Before I tell you how to enter the competiton to win me, here are some more pictures of me having fun. This is me relaxing after rock climbing on this lovely piece of ama…….amy…..ame…… ameth………purple crystal.

These pointy bits are a bit uncomfortable in the you-know-where!

 I promise that I will be a very well behaved baby for the person who wins me and that I will no trouble at all to them. And bye the way, it is totally not true that fairies are very vain…….that was just a nasty story put about by a group of goblins a very long time ago. Now, I bet you are just dying to see another lovely picture of me….yes you are…….you know you are! This is me looking absolutely beautiful in some lovely cris…..crys…..crysan…..thimm….mummmmies…….pretty flowers:

I know.......I am an absolute sweetie....but please.....don't praise me too much or it will go to my head!


Now about this competiton to win me. This is what you have to do: Below is a picture of my friend Esmerelda the dragon. The  question is WHAT DOES A DRAGON HAVE TO DO WITH THE MONTH OF APRIL?

Esmerelda.......a very friendly dragon....and the only one we could find to be photographed.

If you think you know the answer, click on ‘leave a comment’ under this blog and a box will appear for you to put your answer in. Please also leave a little message with your answer and if you wish, your first name so that my mummy can tell you apart from other people and contact you if you are lucky enough to win me! You must leave your answer BEFORE THE END of May Day (1st May).

All the correct answers will be put in a hat and the winner will be drawn on the 2nd May….when Mummy has had a chance to recover from the shock of what I have gone and done!…….I am hoping that Mummy will want to do more competitions in the future as she is a very nice lady and loves to make people happy.

The winning entry/message will be posted on the blog (along with a picture of me again). The winner will then be contacted by Mummy (or asked to contact mummy if she can’t contact them!) and she will ask them for their address privately so that I can be shipped to them as soon as possible (I am getting very excited!!!……….and I’m jumping up and down ever so fast!!!).

(Deep breath)….In the meantime, if you would like a little clue for the competition then you can visit the  post before this where you will find one.

I am looking forward to meeting my new Mummy and seeing my new home soon. Until then, bye bye from me.

Baby Fairy xxx.



14 thoughts on “WIN A BABY FAIRY!

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  2. The dragon is associated with April and is called the Aries Dragon. People born in April tend to have good luck. With a passionate drive they fill their days to the brim with activity. They are upwardly mobile people so they usually get what they want.

  3. I hit the comments tab above and did enter my answer but I am not sure that was the way to do it ….my name is Diana

  4. Do be careful playing with your friend Esmeralda in the month of April. That is when we remember St George the slayer of dragons.
    Perhaps you can explain to him that Esmeralda does not eat maidens or stop people from quenching their thirst or just be cute sitting on her back and she will be safe.

    April 23rd remembered as the anniversary of St Gorge the dragonslayer.

  5. Hi Baby Fairy,

    I thought you all knew what the have to do. They have to astonish the whole world. One of them, al long time ago, thought about Aprils fool day, well people all over the world are still making fun that day.

    This year one thought it might be a good idea to bring joy to many people in the world. And do you know how? Well today Prince William is marrying his cate and billions of people all over the world are looking throug their TV or internet.

    Years ago one decided that April 30 would be a great day to do something and here in The Netherlands we have ‘Koninginnedag’. We celebrate the birhtday of our Queen and it is one big happy day here with more fleemarkets than flees.

    So that is what they do!

    Kind regard,


  6. In theChinese calander and zodiac the dragon represents spring and is similar to the zodiac sign Arires.
    April is also the month of St. Georges Day and in his tale the dragon is one of the14 holy helpers.

  7. Hello Louise …sorry Mummy

    Being a Welsh we know about dragons but of coarse ours was a good dragon … not like the evil dragon that St.George slayed …. nice work your doing love the Fae models … in fact I have scene in mind for Fairies … somaybe I can centre piece babeee …. take care Paul

  8. Well Im note sure but I have some dragons and they are of chinese origin;
    feng shui says that April is Golden dragon Month and to do with energy, also St george kicked the but of a poor Dragon In April; shame, the dragon should have kicked georges but, in my opinion. so is the answer to do with chines zodiac and shui and george slew one in april, so both would possibly be the religiouse or folk rituals in april and dragons

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