Costumes inspired by St. Valentine’s Day.

Hello again,

I thought I would share with you some of the costumes and miniature dolls that I have made over the past few years that have been inspired by St. Valentine’s Day……can’t believe we are into February already! Where did January go?!!

Anyway, below is one of my favourites originally created for 16 inch Clea Bella but it also works well in one twelfth scale miniature. This ball gown is based on those worn in the 1870’s and has a bustle and train at the back. Below are the pictures of the 16 inch version, made in pink silk:

16 inch Clea Bella models the Valentine Ball gown (side view)


Back view of the ball gown showing puff detail, train and tails.

The front view of the ball gown showing frills and trim.


Below is the miniature version of this lovely ball gown but this time shown on a mini  dress stand (or dummy) rather than a doll. I found that I was able to use the same trim for both sizes with no problems:

Front view of the miniature Valentine Ball gown.The flowers are a mixture of hand-dyed dried and hand-made silk.

Back view of miniature version.


Side view of the miniature Valentine Ball gown.


Of course, pink is not the only popular colour used for costmes inspired by St. Valentine’s Day. Red is probably the most used and several years ago I found a gorgeous cotton fabric with tiny red hearts all over it.

I found that the fabric was suitable for miniature dolls and larger doll costumes alike. Here are some examples of costumes using this very versatile fabric:

16 inch Kish doll wearing 'Sweet Valentine Kishes' costume.


16 inch Clea Bella wearing 'Valentine Polka' ballet costume.


Miniature dolls. The Queen wears the heart fabric for her under dress.

And last but by no means least, one of my favourites. This little doll is less than six inches tall and she made the perfect model for this cute little tutu:

Little Riley Kish wearing 'Funny Valentine' ballet costume. The tiny red foil hearts were 'table confetti'.

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