I was happily dyeing dried flowers recently when I was inspired to create another of my fairy and unicorn ensembles. I have no idea where the idea came from but it popped into my mind in full glorious detail and I just had to create it.

Whilst I was making the Fairy Flower Seller herself, a  little poem about her suddenly took form in my mind and before I knew it, this little character and her unicorn friend had come into being. Below is the poem:

The Fairy Flower Seller with her unicorn companion and helper.


Come decorate your castles

With my mystic, magic flowers,

Come deck your halls with greeneries

And blooms to top your towers.


Come smell the scent so heavenly,

Of lavender and rosie,

Come one, come all to purchase

By the garland or the posy.


I’ve blooms of pink and purple

With yellow, blue and white,

To brighten up a rainy day

Or scent a lover’s night.


Come buy my pretty flowers,

To soothe you while you rest,

There’s plenty here for everyone,

I only sell the best.





 Below is a description of this pretty pair and also some other pictures:



An enchanting hand crafted one-twelfth scale miniature porcelain doll and unicorn ensemble.


The lovely fairy flower seller stands just five and a half inches tall. She wears an over-gown of lavender silk with golden lacing at each side and down the centre front.

Showing the lacing detail at the side of the dress.

 The gown is edged in pretty floral braid and is worn over an under-gown of pale rose silk. On her feet she wears matching lavender silk pointed-toe slippers, decorated with crystals and tiny faux pearls. Underneath her gowns is a delicate ivory cotton lace petticoat and lace-trimmed knee length cotton pantaloons.

Showing the opposite side and the flowers in her hair.

Her long ash blonde tresses cascade over her bare shoulders and she wears a ring of colourful dried flowers, silk roses and greenery on her pretty head. In her hand she carries a bouquet of dried flowers tied with silken ribbon. The fairy flower seller is partially wired for ‘poseability’ and is supplied on a removable doll

A veiw of the back of the dress, wings and hair.

Her lovely unicorn companion stands approx. six and a half inches tall (from floor to the tip of his horn) and measures approx seven inches long (from tail to nose). 

Side view of the unicorn.

His hooves and horn are painted glittery gold and on his head he wears three shimmering crystals above his nose. He wears a lavender silk ‘coat’ embellished with floral braid to match his reigns. Across his chest hang three little golden bells from fancy crystal flower filigree decorations. Two large removable straw baskets hang over his back, laden with dozens of colourful hand-dyed dried flowers.

A front view showing the two flower baskets.

I have to admit that I thought I would never finish all the bunches of flowers for the baskets. It did take rather a long time to make each individual bunch and arranging them in the baskets was no mean feat either but I was very pleased with the outcome.

This ensemble is currently for sale so if you are interested please contact me for the price, remembering to let me know where in the world you are so that I can send you the price in your own currency.


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  2. They are very beautiful, Louise. Your work is so fantastic and very perfect. I am in awe of the beauty and scene that you have created. The flowers and the time that this takes (I owned my own flower shop at one time) is amazing and so pretty! You are an unbelievable artist!
    Blessings to you..
    Whispering Eagle

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