Following on from my previous post about the tutus I made for ballet student Katie’s NYCB ballerina doll, I thought you might like to see some video footage of young Katie actually dancing.

Katie dancing Esmeralda.

Seventeen year old Katie is currenty applying for a New Zealand scholarship to help fund her dance training in Australia. This application involves voting by members of the public. As I understand it, the applicant with the most amount of votes wins the scholarship.

As an ex-professional dancer and ex-ballet teacher, I believe that Katie has an enormous amount of potential and deserves to be given a chance. She is absolutely passionate about dancing and is also very good at it.

I would like to ask you all personally if you would visit Katie’s special scholarship voting page where you can watch her dancing. 

 If you click here it will take you to her page where you will see a box on the left hand side with Katie’s picture in it. (If I have not done this link properly……I am a technical dummy with a computer!….you can copy and paste this link below to your browser)


Underneath the picture are some options that will  show you a video of her dancing Esmeralda and also a link to a U-Tube page where you can see her dancing Giselle. You can also see some lovely pictures of her with one of the other options and also read all about her love of dance in another.

According to Katie’s mum Sue, Katie was only fifteen when these videos were taken and I can tell you, from my experience as a teacher, she was doing some very difficult steps very, very well indeed for a fifteen year old! For those of you familiar with ballet steps, you will see near the end of the Esmeralda video a series of releves on one foot (snatching up and down onto full pointe), executed one after the other on the same foot. In the Giselle video there are some beautiful temps leves (hops) on full pointe…..all of which are very difficult to do….and she does them beautifully.

If after seeing Katie dance, you would like to vote for her, you can do so. There is another button on her scholarship page, above her picture that you can press to vote. There is only one vote per person allowed and this lovely dancer needs votes.

I hope that you will join with me in wishing Katie the best of luck with her application. GOOD LUCK KATIE!!


  1. Hi,
    Thank youu for voting, and putting it up!!!

    I am loving your blog 🙂
    Mum gave me the link a while ago, sorry I would have come onto it earlier but have just been so busy!
    and now I have, wish I came on earlier.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. You can find Katie’s profile by using the Search box and putting in ‘katie’ in the first name and Category Arts – this will take you to a page and Katie’s profile is at the bottom with a ‘Vote’ button above her picture.

  3. Have just voted for Katie and wish her the very best of luck for a wonderful dancing future. Kindest Regards, Pauline

  4. I wish your young friend Katie all the best. I not only voted for her but shared the link on my Facebook in hopes of garnering her a few more votes.

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