New pictures of ‘Dancing in the Meadow’ miniature ballerina doll.

'Dancing in the Meadow' from 'The Dancing Years' Collection.

You may remember this doll from a previous post a few weeks ago and some of you may have seen her recent appearance in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine (June issue, page 69).

Here are a few more pictures of this lovely ballerina doing just what her title says, ‘Dancing in the Meadow:




6 thoughts on “New pictures of ‘Dancing in the Meadow’ miniature ballerina doll.

  1. OMG!!!! How lovely your miniatures are. I make porcelain dolls from scratch and tried the miniatures once about a year ago…boy was it hard….I must say it is a lot harder than the bigger dolls I make…so much tiny little details. You did such a beautiful job on these and it makes me want to give mini’s another try! Thanks for sharing your work with all of us!!!!

  2. Love your dolls, Louise ! Sorry, i am not always able to follow all posts and blogs, simply lack of time, but your work is beautiful, big time !
    I really admire your miniature ballet shoes!!!!


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